Frequently Asked Questions

No.  A credit card is required.

DBI retains the right to remove all roll-offs after fourteen days without a pick-up from April to November and thirty days without a pick-up from December to March.

DBI provides customer with non-hazardous waste collection services. We do not handle radioactive, volatile, flammable, toxic, or any other hazardous waste or any other materials banned or defined as hazardous by the MA DEP or the U.S. EPA. Customer agrees to assume all costs associated with the placement of hazardous or other unacceptable materials in the roll-off and to pay an additional per unit cost for the following items listed on the MA Waste Ban (DEP), including: tires; appliances; mattresses; cathode ray tubes/monitors; propane and other tanks; chemical drums; vehicle batteries; solid fill including pavement, brick, stone, concrete or dirt; and heavy yard waste.

The charge to move or relocate an empty or partially full roll-off is $50-$150, depending on location.

DBI is not responsible for the unauthorized loading of refuse or other materials into the roll-off while at the service location.

Customer agrees not to load the roll-off over the top rim. No debris may protrude from the roll-off or above the top rim. The roll-off door must be properly closed and the safety chain affixed prior to pick-up. If these conditions are not met when the driver arrives on-site, or if the driver is unable to access the roll-off for pick-up when he arrives on-site, customer agrees to pay a trip charge of $50-$150, depending on location.

Yes. Customer acknowledges DBI operates heavy equipment and shall not be held liable for damages to property including, but not limited to, driving surfaces, pavement, lawn, wires, landscaping, or any other property at the customer’s location. Customer accepts full responsibility for the care, custody and control of the roll-off at the service location and holds DBI harmless from any and all claims for loss or damage to property, or injury to, or death of a person or persons resulting from the customer’s use, operation and possession of the roll-off. Customer agrees to pay for repairs caused by damage to the roll-off beyond normal wear and tear, including but not limited to damage caused by fire, denting by debris or loading apparatus, or the application of spray paint or graffiti.